About Sea School Cooperative

Located in SW Washington, we are a progressive alternative education program committed to helping parents and mentors provide quality experience-based learning opportunities. We are a 501.c3 organization and accept donations! We are solely run by volunteers and donations, without it we would not exist! Please consider helping us to continue with our mission. Every bit helps! 


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To provide a challenging, meaningful, progressive education within a homeschool model by an extended family of mentors and community members. Through a collaborative curriculum with an emphasis on child-led learning, SSCO students become confident life-long learners, stewards of their community and environment and responsible citizens with the skills to succeed beyond the Cooperatives doors.


We are parents and community members wanting alternatives in the educational opportunities we have for our children. We love the beautiful place we live, the Columbia River Confluence. We want to use all the rich resources here, both environmental and community-based, to teach our children through experience and exploration. We use multiple locations to maximize our opportunities for learning. We have an acre farmstead which has all systems which are off-grid, a 6-acre wilderness site, and an acre a short walk from the ocean filled with a pine and huckleberry forest. The world is our classroom, and we find inspiration everywhere! !We believe our children are born with a love of learning, and we want to support that love with resources and freedom.


  • Have a lifelong love of learning
  • Have a more empathetic view of the world
  • Are self-motivated
  • Are able to form answers and analyze situations on their own rather than relying on someone else, such as a teacher.
  • Have internalized discipline
  • Understands that no matter what they do, they are an important part of society and the natural world.

Come explore the joy of learning with us!